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Crimping tools for non-insulated terminals.
Crimping tool performance table.
We are often asked by customers which is the best tool to use. The answer depends on which terminals you will be using the most, how much you are prepared to spend, and how skilled you are. As with all hand tools the result obtained depends to a degree on the skill of the user, but these tools will do a good or perfect crimp on the most common terminals used. There isn't a crimp tool made that will crimp every type and size of terminal on all cables, so the table on the right is offered as a very rough guide to how the four tools below perform on different terminals. The more stars the better.
  PR4 PR3 MP71 D1
Ease of use **** ***** **** ***
Blade terminals ***** ***** **** **
Japanese type ***** ***** **** **
Flags no ** * *
'W' bullet ** ** ** ****
Rings R4-R10 **** **** **** *
Other rings no some some no
Ignition no no no *
Cutter no no yes yes
Stripper no no no yes
Spring return yes yes yes no
Crimping non insulated terminals.
The crimp die layout differs from tool to tool, but the crimping method is the same.

  Ref PR3. £70.47
Repaults heavy duty professional tool for prolonged use.
Features spring return handles and precision machined jawplates.
Produces excellent crimped terminals with little effort.
The jaws have five forming sections to suit most non-insulated
terminals up to mm2. British made.
Length: 211mm.

  Ref MP71. £8.95
A very good quality versatile tool.
The accurate jawplates with three forming sections
produce an excellent crimp on non-insulated terminals.
Spring return handles and cable cutter.
Length: 184mm.

  Ref PR4. £29.59
Heavy duty ratchet action crimp tool for prolonged use.
Three forming dies for rapid crimping of male & female
blades and Japanese connectors.
Crimps both conductor and insulation in one operation.
Produces an excellent rapid crimp with ease.
Spring return handles with ratchet release.
(Note: will not crimp flags.)
Length: 225mm.

  Ref D1. £3.73
DIY tool for crimping non-insulated terminals.
Includes wire stripper, cable cutter
and ignition terminal crimp.
Length: 205mm.

  Ref 70351. £49.80
Ratchet crimping tool for weatherproof connector terminals, 3-5550 & 3- 5560 (on Page 35), Suitable for wire sizes 0.5-2mm The crimp must be completed before the tool ratchet can be released.Pressure can be adjusted. Produces an excellent crimp.

Crimping tools for 4.7mm bullets.

  Ref TT85. £33.75
Hexagonal crimp tool.  For crimp bullets CB0-CB3.
Produces a secure solderless connection in seconds.
The die head forms a professional hexagon crimp.
Ratchet spring return action to ensure complete
crimping of the bullet before release, but also has
a release control to overide the ratchet if required.
Robust construction for a long life.
Long handles for ease of crimping.
Length: 276mm.

  Ref SSCT. £25.79
For crimp bullets CB2 & CB3.
Gives a secure solderless connection in seconds
The crimp produces two flats at the narrow crimp section of the bullet.
Length: 205mm.

Closing tool.
  Ref 0400. £22.32
Useful fitting tool for frequent users of
4.7mm bullets and snap connectors.
Pushes the bullet fully into the snap connector.
Length: 145mm.

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