Single Core PVC Thin Wall Cable

A high performance cable which as the name suggests has thinner insulation. It is multi-stranded copper cable which is insulated with thinner hard grade PVC which offers good resistance to abrasion and cut through. The cable also carries a higher load compared to the standard auto cable. Gives savings in weight and volume when used in large harnesses.
This cable is now original equipment on most new vehicles.

General notes on cables.
All cables are made up of a number of strands. Generally these strands are 0.20mm or 0.30mm diameter. In our list for each cable we also give the cross sectional area in sq mm and the continuous current carrying capacity in amps. The breakdown of the cable specification 28/0.30mm, 2mm2, 25amp is as follows: 28 strands of 0.30mm diameter, 2mm2  cross sectional area, 25amp continuous current carrying capacity.
The following equation may prove useful to work out a cable size required : Watts divided by Volts = Amps      
Coloured cables. When two colours are given, the first colour is the main colour, the second colour is the 'tracer' (usually two thin traces of colour which run straight down the cable). eg. Black/white has black as the main colour and white as the tracer colour.

The quantity ordered will be supplied in one continouous length.
Please note. Cables cut to length cannot be returned for refund or exchange.



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